Fax Central is the Telepath alternative to traditional fax lines.Fax Central uses the Internet, rather than a dedicated phone line, so you can have a flexible fax solution for less money per month than the cost a basic phone line.

Starting at $29 per month Fax Central provides the following features:
- Send faxes from your PC through email
- Receive faxes to email as PDF attachments
- Send and receive faxes from your PC via our free Fax Central software with address book
- Save paper by printing only the faxes you want
- Have multiple fax users at no additional charge
- Fax from any pc anywhere via our Fax Central web portal

And unlike other fax services, you can continue using your traditional fax machine to send and receive faxes with our optional "Fax Enable" adapter. You can even keep your existing fax number.

Call today for information on how you can get started.