Here are Seven Solutions that Telepathinc brings to Businesses:


1. Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

When using a Hosted PBX service from TelepathINC, you no longer need to have a dedicated phone system installed and maintained in your office as the phone system component is outsourced and supplied to your business as a service using your Internet connection. For most businesses there is still a need to have a small amount of hardware in the form of VoIP phones.

2. Flexibility

A Hosted PBX service gives you flexibility not traditionally seen with an onsite PBX. All you need is a suitable broadband connection and you can make, receive and transfer call between all your offices, regardless of location, as if all your staff are in one physical location.

3. Simplified Management

With an onsite PBX you either need to employ staff to manage or use outsourced technicians who will come onsite and mange each aspect of your PBX resulting in additional expenses. When using the Telepathinc service-based solution you can reduce this need where you or Telepathinc can control your phone system anywhere in the world.

4. Adaptability

As your business grows your phone system needs to as well. Often you will find initially you only need a basic set of features to run your business but as you grow your phone system needs to get more intelligent to help streamline your calls. With a TelepathINC Hosted PBX service you can change configurations at will and will find that there is always an advanced feature set that can take your call management to the next level.

5. Telecommuting

There is a trend of businesses reducing their office footprint by offering staff members the ability to work from home, studies have shown this often increases the overall productivity as employees quite often reduce stress as they are no longer spending hours commuting to an office to perform their daily jobs.

Using a Hosted PBX service it doesn’t matter if your staff is in one building or 70, they will all have their own extension where you can connect calls with then like they were all located in the same physical location.

6. Disaster Recovery

What would happen to your business if your office was unavailable for a long period of time? For instance when Hurricane Sandy hit in October of 2012, there was a significant flooding event that flooded the miles of coastline in New Jersey and New York where a number of business were unable to attend their workplace and in a lot of cases many businesses had no way of answering calls.

By using a TelepathINC Hosted PBX service a number of different strategies that could have been implemented to deal with an event like this:

Most staff have internet connections at home or even smartphones today, using a software based client staff members could have been registered to the PBX in a matter of minutes receiving calls.

Another option would be to login to the TelepathINC Hosted PBX management interface and re-route calls to staff mobile numbers allowing them to work remotely.

7. Monthly Cost Reduction plus More Features and Benefits

Working with our customers we have seen our customers reduce their overall monthly telecommunications bills. Lower bills does not mean less features, in fact we often bring more features and benefits with our system which leads to greater productivity.